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Originally Posted by Dylan14 View Post
Initial investigation of the file: VirusTotal reports that the URL is clean.
The file that that link takes me is clean, according to VirusTotal.
Attempting to run the program sandboxed in Windows 10 doesn't work (needs the bash shell to work, plus Start.exe fails to start).
Attempting to run it in a Linux VM, gets me this far when I run the first bit of code in the pdf you linked:
./fpc -ver -poweredby -bye
sh: en: command not found
see seed: 682257166327978917907309860240882231625049719486075477905198 bits: 199
Please, enter a coef 4 Z:
Which is not the expected result.
So I thought, maybe I should recompile. Except that doesn't work, as the stuff in the makefile appears to be hardcoded, due to the software used to make the makefile. This of course makes it impossible for one to just download the source and compile, unless they go through the trouble of making the file themselves (which I am not going to do).
what is version you downloaded? actually, i use codelite to edit sources & build 'em.

sh: en: command not found
my bad :) in the main.cpp

system("TZ='Europe/Moscow' en date");
delete it or change to..

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