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Always good to see a decent criticism.. well then, let's be clear upon that AMAP
You claimed to "have a milestone" in integer factorization and continue claiming that you will "crack rsa,
First & foremost, we need to look into canonical definition of «MILESTONE»..
2. a significant event or point in development.
it doesn't mean «final point» & definitely it doesn't mean something magic. It just means that project has had some positive/promising results to proceed further. 2nd moment, Polynomial time doesn't mean you can crack everything in no time. For example, O(N*lgN) & O(N²) are both polynomial time, but (w/ growing N) gap between those speeds becomes Abyss.
You then refuse to demonstrate (or even explain!) your method in a significant way
actually, there ain't been questions on-topic.. some guys struggled w/ their deep fears of malware & others just have wanted a magic out of the Blue
but I'm pretty sure you need the exact sum, and not just an approximation,
from the POV of Practice, we need approximation a way down to the point, where it's possible to use brute force for getting exact sum.

Well, this link will answer your questions, if you really want them...

MODERATOR NOTE: Link disabled pending evaluation of software downloads thereat

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