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Default "Trial Factoring on Double Check Candidates"

I have a question about assignements on GPU72. When I get new ones, I have the option of getting "Trial Factoring on Double Check Candidates".

So, if I understand correctly this will give me exponents that have already been LLed once, but not DCed yet? And I'd be factoring at a higher bit level than what was done previously?

If that's the case, why werent those exponensts factored before the exponent was LLed the first time? Aren't exponents TFed to a bit where the probability of finding a factor multiplied by time taken is smaller than the time it would take to LL? If so, did anything change from the time these were first TFed that makes it now worthwhile to TF to higher bit levels, even though we'll only be saving half the LL time (since it was already LLed once, and we're only saving the DC)?
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