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I can follow the simplification that gets one to 2 x SQRT(7!+1) = 142

Can someone explain how you would start at 2 x SQRT(7!+1) = 142
and given that the final equation must contain only 7's, get to the original equation I supplied in post 1.
For example the 2 at the front could become something like (7+7)/7 OR <any function with a 7> + <same> iff that function can be divided out in another part of the entire formula to equal 2.
....confused??? Me too.

(My son has a game/puzzle app when he must find a formula using the least number of each digit from 1 to 9 to get a number)

He is limited to +. -, x, /, SQRT and concatenation. ie 77 or 777
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