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I am running everything in this setup on a SSD. I do not know the layout, so just for the sake of argument, I will refer to it as a mechanical. The boot record is in Sector 0. Among everything in that location, there is a descriptor for the file system. In this case, NTFS.

Being NTFS means everything stored in the volume must conform to it, including the subsystem. I have been at this since 1988 and, to my knowledge, two file systems cannot exist inside one volume. Multiple volumes can exist inside a partition, as is the case with the SSD and Windows 10 having two protected recovery volumes along with the boot volume.

The bottom line is that what I am doing works without problems. I was not expecting to be able to do so. I needed a simpler way to manage the files in the mprime folder. As it turned out, I already had it.

Edit: In my OP, I mention how deeply this is buried in the file system. Below is the full path to the mprime folder.


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