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Originally Posted by M344587487 View Post
Do you know if it's WSL1 or WSL2? I haven't tried WSL2, it's a relatively new feature that AFAIK replaces WSL1. WSL2 is basically a VM using hyper-V whereas WSL1 uses a translation layer, similar to wine but for ELF binaries. WSL2 has been reported to have reduced performance for some workloads but higher performance in others.
WSL1 most likely as this is v1909. I believe WSL2 is a v2004 feature and also requires a VM setup as well.

Originally Posted by kriesel
That is what I called "well hidden" in my WSL1 experimentation. And files created by one OS might be invisible to the other in the same directory. (Using a Windows editor to create worktodo.txt for mprime would be futile, IIRC.)
All the files are visible in both environments. I only modify three: prime.txt, local.txt, and worktodo.txt. I read results.txt. I can do this with Notepad. Everything else, I leave alone. Being able to do these things may be possible because this is a subsystem under Windows control. If I had a dual-boot drive setup with a complete OS of each, doing what I have written out above probably would not be possible because of partition types. There would be no need to do this.

I have to use "sudo" to get mprime to run. This has to do with permissions and I would rather not mess with it.

In my OP, I wrote about a heat issue. I managed to get the temperature down a little by changing CoresPerTest from 4 to 3. The performance impact was minimal. 10 minute tests became 11 minutes.
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