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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
I ran into a little trouble with another user because of the way Prime95 communicates with PrimeNet.

I grabbed a number for a triple check and started it using Advanced>Test. The test started immediately. But, Prime95 waited for over an hour before communicating with PrimeNet. Another user also started the TC and got the assignment register before I did (about 10 minutes after I started mine.)

Shouldn't starting a test immediately using Advanced>Test also trigger a check-in with PrimeNet?
It does seem that even an Options change can trigger server contact. However, when I was doing manual-sourced LL on GPU, I generally forced a full P95, "Send expected..." contact immediately, before committing it to the food chain.
EDIT: That is, if the assignment is manually added, or put in a "worktodo.add" file, the program may not be stimulated to call home to the server at once. Advanced>Manual Communication will prevent any conflict in assignments, by confirming with the server and obtaining a key.

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