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Default HOWTO: enable the HLT command on nforce2 chipsets with freeware utils!

Forget about using programs like CPUIdle, you can do this yourself with freeware utils. My idle temp lowered from 47C to 41C (chipset temp is 21C) just by using this; there is no negative impact to my GPU either! I should note that this will only lower your idle temp, your full load temp will not change.

It activates the C1 (and maybe the C2) function Athlon XP CPU's support. Most mainboard brands have this feature as an option in the bios you can enable and disable. I just found out that EPoX doesn't have that feature. So what you're doing is just using a direct reg tweak to activate it. It's not like you're forcing anything, the Athlon XP chips are made to support this feature so it shouldn't do any damage.
When the CPU is idle the mainboard will send a command to the CPU that will cause a part of the CPU to be deactivated (and therefore not produce any heat). That's why this tweak only works on the idle temp and doesn't change anything on the load temp. Ofcourse as soon as the CPU power is needed the deactivated part will become active again, so it should have any influence on the performance of the CPU.
Remember, this is for nForce 2 chipsets only. I found this by googling, "WPCRSET nforce2" so I suspect that if you google "WPCRSET <your chipset here>" you'll find the correct register to change for your chipset. I know for example that on my old Asus A7M266 board, the values where different.

Please reply to this thread with your results. Maybe some people out there with pCMark2004 or some other synthetic benchmark util can try this and report the results?

Anyway, I found the instructions here.

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