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It is not much to patch for the CWI-to-GGNFS conversion. (And the code can be readily borrowed from the lasieve4 which had already passed this change.)

But there are also quite a few patches - to name a few, to decrease the memory requirements, to avoid infinite loops in redu2.c and in the assembly portion for the I16 siever... - there's much more burden in testing the final evolution of the code and eventual "support" (that is, suppose the siever is deployed at NFS@Home or elsewhere and then a thousand computers are hung, someone will have to debug, and this is time-consuming). If those are not applied, the siever will sort of work but will probably hang frequently as early versions of lasieve4I16e did (and a brief inspection showed that the lasieve5 code is vulnerable in the same places where lasieve4 was). It would be nice to do it just once if code newer than lasieve5 (dated 2009) is available.
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