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Default (NEW) Proth Primes Section

Here's a great update of my Online Database: now including pages for Proth-Primes, too.

Some data:

- all primes listed on W.Keller's page for k<1200
- all reservations from page 25 included
- primes for 1200<k<10000 and n<=50k included (for now ~70% done so far)
- primes for 1200<k<5400 and 50k<n<100k included
- all twins for k<10000 included
- all Top5000 links for k<10000 included


- 5000 k-values
- 123985 primes
- 19396 Top5000 links
- 2271 twins

- some missing new Top5000 primes from last 2 weeks
- new primes for 50k<n<100k for 5400<k<10000 from PrimeGrid the next weeks
- all primes for k<10000 and n<50k next weeks

- more older reservations from W.Keller's page
- primes for k>10000
- more comments like for k=3 (Divides Fermat/GFN)

For these pages I'm using a new method to create them, which will save me much time and manually work.

The next weeks I try to do the same for the Riesel-pages, too.

Have fun and happy hunting.

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