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Originally Posted by lavalamp View Post
I dunno, it might be nice to have 1 candidate taken all the way, call it a figurehead. 4 months is quite a while, but it's better than the 8 years and 5 months my overclocked i7 would take. A GTX 480 would take less time of course, but still a couple of months most likely.
Maybe I'll give it a try as soon as winter approaches, we actually have 96/98 degrees in Rome. definitely too hot to run a GPU search 24/7.
But I don't recommend following my example!

The problem here is that, even using MORE_CLASSES, each class from 86 to 87 bits would last more than 3,5 hours, and interrupting the search to use the (otherwise unusable) computer would waste approximately 2 hours of calculations.

Originally Posted by lavalamp View Post
Even so, it's good to know what the ultimate goal is. 87 seems tantalizingly close as the project has several candidates at 81 bits now. We all know of course that 87 bits requires another 63 times the work to reach, but that's not as much of a carrot as saying, "JUST 6 MORE!"

In 4 months' work we could bring 63 exponents to 80/81 bits...

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