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Originally Posted by Damian View Post
Thank you Dr. Silverman for your reply.
I'm not interested in that particular proof, it was just an example.

Do you think that a proof of a theorem can always be made more rigurous? Or there is a limit on how rigurous a proof can be?
A proof is either rigorous or it is not. AFAIK, "degrees of rigor" do not
exist. Certainly a formal proof in first/second order logic is as rigorous as
can be.

I mean, what is today considered a rigurous proof of an established theorem, may not be a rigurous proof of tomorrow with more advanced techniques?
This is poorly defined nonsense.
Or do you (anyone who reads this) think that a proof can be so rigurous that it can not be enhanced in any way?
Define 'enhanced'.

You are bandying about informal English words in a way that is not applicable
to mathematics.
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