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Default k=1005-1400 n=200K-500K results fill in

We are starting a short-term low-priority effort to fill in gaps in the results that Peter Benson sent us for k=1005-1400 for n=200K-500K so that we have residuals for the entire range.

94,992 k/n pairs for n=200K-350K will be loaded into Ironbits' port 2000. Here is the info.:

server = ""
port = 2000

45,174 k/n pairs for n=350K-479264 will be loaded into Ironbit's port 3000. Here is the info.:

server = ""
port = 3000

208 k/n pairs for n=479265-500K will be tested manually by me.

This should be a 100% double-check effort but we cannot be for sure. Here are the known primes in the pairs:

n=200K-350K complete:
1227*2^204834-1  confirmed  AMDave
1295*2^205276-1  confirmed  AMDave
1225*2^205535-1  confirmed  AMDave
1217*2^207316-1  confirmed  AMDave
1221*2^208643-1  confirmed  AMDave
1251*2^209151-1  confirmed  AMDave
1281*2^210331-1  confirmed  AMDave
1357*2^300893-1  confirmed  AMDave
1395*2^301009-1  confirmed  AMDave
1383*2^303374-1  confirmed  mdettweiler
1329*2^304751-1  confirmed  AMDave
1357*2^305469-1  confirmed  AMDave
1361*2^308034-1  confirmed  AMDave
1305*2^308539-1  confirmed  AMDave
1353*2^314614-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1353*2^315490-1  confirmed  AMDave
1377*2^317472-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1309*2^320017-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1393*2^320607-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1323*2^324418-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1397*2^331100-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1383*2^334328-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1307*2^334738-1  confirmed  Brucifer
1057*2^341921-1  confirmed  AMDave
1277*2^346986-1  confirmed  AMDave
1281*2^349011-1  confirmed  AMDave
n=350K-500K complete:
1065*2^356437-1  confirmed  gd_barnes
1293*2^356463-1  confirmed  gd_barnes
1159*2^368349-1  confirmed  gd_barnes
1099*2^381011-1  confirmed  mdettweiler
1083*2^382571-1  confirmed  mdettweiler
1385*2^388744-1  confirmed  mdettweiler
1361*2^410214-1  confirmed  mdettweiler
1209*2^460264-1  confirmed  mdettweiler
1. Please report all primes in this thread, whether they be new or confirmed.
2. David, please leave Email notification on for both ports. The admins will use it to check off known and possibly missing primes.
3. Karsten, there is no need to create a special web page for this effort.

David, please post here when you have the ports loaded up. As soon as you do, I'll put 1-2 cores on the higher range in port 3000 to get it above the top-5000 "danger drop-off zone".

Max, we can process the results when we feel like it or when each server dries.


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