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First, +1 to the above because apparently properly diagnosing GPU vibration takes a "Dr. Gregory House" level of medical brilliance.

But let me be a bit more explicit than the above replies: Upon delivery, my brand new GIGABYTE Geforce RTX 2070 sounded like broken glass in a kitchen sink garbage disposal!!! After removing the fans, I tightened the Phillips-head screws by about two whole rotations. The fan "vibration" was really the fan ribs hitting against the radiator. (Yikes!). This successfully reduced the noise for most rpm settings. However, get absolute silence in terms of vibration by setting it to a constant 80% fan speed using MSI Afterburner when running GPUOWL. The same for 100% fan speed using MFAKTC. These speeds seem optimal enough for reducing both temperature and power consumption relative to total throughput. All on the plebian Windows software ;).

Probably not relevant to OP, but maybe for future people who see the thread: "sagging" (aka unlevel) GPUs can also cause vibration if your case does not properly fit your motherboard. Some gamer folks will use a toy to prop up their GPU to prevent "sag".

Good luck!

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