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Originally Posted by Ken_g6
1-two :razz:
It's a trick question. If the company calls a meeting of two
people who they know have the same birthday, the probability
that they have the same birthday is 100%!
Sorry Ken, it was meant to be serious.

Originally Posted by Ken_g6
The command "jot - 1 1000 1 | grep -v "1.*3\|3.*1" | head -200" produces all the page numbers. They start at 1, and end at 222

Sorry? I can't get this number. I got 213 and my teacher keeps saying that the answer is 214!!! Can you list all the "jumped" numbers?

Originally Posted by Ken_g6
It depends what point in the show you're at.
If you're at the beginning (case a), the chance of winning is:

in [spoiler] n
Didn't experts said that not switching is best? If so, not switching is ]n-1/n . That way, we can conclude that the chance is lower .
Maybe if the host opens m...

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