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Default Cancel of S561 reservation

I'm sory to have to inform, that my i5-4670 has breathed its last breath. Today I tried gaining access to the HDD containing the produced S561 data - the drive is not running and I start to fear that the distinct smell of wires burning has affected the HDD too. As a result thereof, I unfortunantly has to retract my S561 reservation.

Good thing is, that only minor work has been lost on base 383 and only for the 12 highest k's. It may be as little as 1 day or as much as 1 week for the 2 Ryzens to redo. Fortunantly I took a safety copy of my i5-4670 between christmas and new year.

Most time since last backup, has been used on S561 and little time on the Twin Conjecture. I'm not sure how much has been lost of the SG conjecture or if anything has been lost of the Twin Conjecture - the most likely loss for the Twin conjecture is minor (if any) and most likely for the SG conjecture it is catastrophic.

Have a nice one everyone and sorry for the inconvieanience
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