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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
I'm back home now and able to test v2.06 on my Win10/i8-8100 machine.
It works, but I've noticed a couple things (which entirely could be me doing something wrong).

1) ECM runs as a single thread of yafu-x64.exe
I don't care if ECM runs within yafu or spawns external ecm.exe as long as it uses the appropriate number of threads.
Relevant yafu.ini entries:
If I specify an invalid path for ecm.exe then it appropriately tells me "ecm: ECM executable does not exist at c:\invalid\path\ecm.exe" and "using internal single threaded ECM...", but even when the path to ecm.exe is valid it appears to be using the internal, single-threaded ECM (with no warning).
This is something I can fix, but in the meantime use -ext_ecm X on the command line or .ini file, where X is the B1 crossover point to start using external ecm (something like 50000 works well).

The problem is that this value is set really big when avx-ecm is available during compilation. I need to add a check that it is also available at runtime...

Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
2) Number of witnesses for PRP is always "1" no even if I set something like nprp=20 in yafu.ini
I will fix this. However for most factoring jobs aprcl is used instead of gmp's prp function and aprcl doesn't use or need the witnesses option.

Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
3) Increased verbosity doesn't seem to work (at least in yafu.ini). The description says "Note that more v's increase the verbosity" but if I specify v v it tells me "invalid option v v" and spews the list of valid options and exits
Put the v's on separate lines in the .ini file. Each line is interpreted as one option.
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