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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
When you say "working directory" what do you mean? Are you sure it is absolutely empty? Do you have the correct permissions for the "working directory"? Have you allowed some time to elapse for the upload and the reporting?
I run all the GIMPS work from $HOME/gimps. Everything runs from there. The PRP test result was uploaded more than 52 hours ago, but I don't believe a proof has been uploaded.

An hour and fifteen minutes after M105212323 was known not to be prime, M105196813 was completed on the machine, working in the same directory. Looking at what happened with M105196813
[Worker #3 Jul 28 03:09] Generating proof for M105196813.  Proof power = 9, Hash length = 64
[Worker #3 Jul 28 03:15] M105196813 is not prime.  RES64: B36955DB15C715B8. Wh8: DD238B1C,24691551,00000000
[Comm thread Jul 28 03:26] MD5 of p105196813.proof is 638b15dc2ea53a58984ef43d9c5506dc
[Comm thread Jul 28 03:26] Proof file exponent is 105196813
[Comm thread Jul 28 03:26] Filesize of p105196813.proof is 131496078
[Comm thread Jul 28 03:43] Proof file p105196813.proof successfully uploaded
So for M105196813, the proof was successfully uploaded 28 minutes after the number was known not to be prime, with most of that 28 minutes being the upload - the proof had been generated 11 minutes after the number was known not to be prime. I think it is safe to say that no proof will be generated or uploaded for M105212323, since it should have happened long before now.

I don't know if its any coincidence, but I had run two P-1 tests on M105212323, as I was doing a bit of benchmarking. It will be interesting to see if M105211111 gets a proof uploaded when it completes, as I had run multiple P-1 tests on that too. M105211111 should complete by about 23:00 UTC today. My strategy for running the multiple P-1 tests on M105212323 was

  1. Start the mprime with the entry in worktodo.txt indicating 1 test would be saved.
  2. When I'd seen that the P-1 had finished, and the PRP started, I would kill mprime and delete any files on disk related to it.
  3. Edit worktodo.txt to put the number of saved tests to 2.
  4. Run mprime again, but this time let the PRP test finish after the P-1 had been run.
I find it a bit hard to believe that doing this would have stopped the proof being generated, but it is something I did which I don't normally do.

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