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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
Insects are good eating if they are prepared properly.
Super! I had failed to imagine encounters of the culinary kind!

When I was a little tyke, my mom got some novelty insect fare at a downtown Chicago store (I think it was Stop and Shop). I remember there were chocolate-covered ants and chocolate-covered caterpillars. I think I ate some of the chocolate-covered ants. We gave some to a neighbor, who had his wife eat some chocolate-covered ants before telling her what she had just eaten.

I have heard of crickets being used as an ingredient in various recipes. One was called something like "Chocolate chirpy chip cookies."

When large broods of periodical cicadas emerge, there are usually news reports showing people cooking them up.

My mom watched the TV series Lonesome Dove (based on the novel). She liked describing some of the characters, one of whom was a new cook on IIRC a cattle drive. He would not ride on the back of an animal, and as he walked along he dragged a sack behind him. As suppertime approached on his first day on the trail, he prepared the sack's contents -- grasshoppers -- for dinner!

With the uncertainties in the food supply these days, perhaps insects will gain status here in the good ol' USA as a regular article of diet, rather than merely an occasional novelty.
A deep-fried larva dish was absolutely delicious. The larvae, each about 5cm long and 3mm in diameter, tasted like a cross between shrimps and hazelnuts.
If they were beetle larvae, I hope you said, "Good grub!"

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