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The abbreviations inserted in the table header cells seems helpful on one side but explodes the code and makes it harder to read/edit on the other side.
Another question on my side: It seems self-explanatory so is it really needed here?

A more easier way to do this is to create a page, where such a table (and there're many others) are explained like the table headers (Nash), or the sorting ability or colouring.

If you only want to make those things more 'readable' for visually handicapped people (tools for reading out loud) or controllable it's too much to handle. The same is for building all pages to be accessible for mobiles, where I say strictly 'No' then.
I want to bring in more information and still have to make my mind, how to do this in many cases.

The (Generalized) Fermat Numbers are now manageable including there "GF Divisors" with links to the Proth prime pages and many historical data maintained by W.Keller's pages.
He only gave lists for Fermat numbers and for GFn-bases for 2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12 but no others (especially 8). More lists can be created by the new templates not available on any other internet page so far.
This Wiki is still not fully implemented and it could take years until all data are available so those table enhancements have to wait on my side.
I got more ideas to handle with like including references to online books and articles of authors to suppress the history of findings (like those, many articles of "Mathematics of Computation" are available as PDF).
Counting primes and creating downloadable LLR-type resultfiles or prime listings are another topic to do.
How to handle the check of Twin primes? Is it done always for any new Riesel prime found?
What about new Proth primes? Are those always checked for GFN divisibilities? How to manage this in the Wiki?
So way more work to do than those detailing.
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