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Although it's only one letter (difference in wording of "in" instead "on") where I thinks it's not worth to discuss, but I've done this:

I've changed the phrase on top of the table in "There are currently xxx entries".
A template for such information is not required I think, because:
- it's only a small notice
- it depends on the table if the notice is given by the DPL-command or with an own command (differs, too)
- this is only a quick notice for not counting by yourself
- this notice could be omitted, when looking at the category (the counting is given there)
And yes, such phase is not the only one in/on this Wiki.

The description is given in the page title and the line above, so no need to repeat it in that phrase again.

I've inserted 'scope="row"' for this DPL-command, too.
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