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The moving of all Riesel type values and filling the new parameter for the base into those pages is done.
Many thanks to the bot from Happy5214 to do the task more automated.

All other things like templates or related pages should also updated according to those Riesel template change.

A new link on the sidemenu was included for Generalized Fermat numbers with a navbox related to them.
Although many pages are still missing, because the dataset is extremely big, examples for Fermat primes F(n) and GFN(3,1) are available. The related templates are also available in the Template prototype page on top.

Currently I'm working on the PrimeGrid searches, here the Proth types as
- Proth Prime Search (PPS)
- Proth Prime Search Extended (PPSE)
- Proth Mega Prime Search (MEGA)
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