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Some changes in handling MultiReservations for Riesel values:

If a project reserved several k-values a MultiReservation will be used to handling easy range or dates changes during that project: change only one value instead of editing many pages.

The problem before: If the n-value range is not set to n=1 but instead of say n>=400k and the lower ranges are not yet tested, the max n-value shown in any k-value page of the project is false.

If a MultiReservation of a Riesel k-value is set and a max n-value (RMaxn) is given, the RMaxn value is shown including the MultiRes n-value in brackets.
The categorizing into the Missing range category is set, too.

Example:Riesel k=15373 reserved by RPS Drive 10 which reserved for 400k<n<2M and the lower range 300k<n<400k is missing right now.
The display in the table are not yet changed (later to do).

- All missing RCounts inserted in any Riesel k-value pages and so this value is used to be shown in the tables
- The display of the k-type has changed: for example a 2145k-value is linked to that page with table
- Many k-values from the Riesel problem were inserted and the table of frequencies showing which values are complete
- Many Riesel k-values inserted and the original RPPDb pages are updated (deleted those values there but including a link to the Wiki).
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