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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
...RPPDb: The data shown for k=6059 says, this k was searched to n=50,000 and FreeDC Drive #2 found a higher prime (started from n=410,000 -> see menu for FreeDC and Drive 2 also).
UT Martin = Top5000: go to Search, put in the "Mathmatical Description" as "^6059*2^%-1" and select the "Type" option "all (includes unverified primes)" -> will show all primes there for Riesel 6059*2^n-1.
RPPDb I think I found, but it says it is no longer maintained. It is here.

I did a forum search for FreeDC, but did not find anything specific. Perhaps my search was too broad.

Searching UT Martin yields a lot of data once the parameters are correct.
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