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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
The one problem is the optimization takes a lot of memory. Thus, for many users there may be little benefit.
Given Ben is doing 10x more first-time primality tests than anyone else, it might be worth doing just for Ben! (He will have 192 GB on his Amazon instances).

BTW, during stage 2 of P-1 factoring of M104212883, which was previously trial factored to 276, mprime used 303 GB RAM with B1=881,000, B2=52,281,000.
[Worker #2 May 31 12:25] M104212883 stage 1 complete. 2543108 transforms. Time: 1935.398 sec.
[Worker #2 May 31 12:25] Starting stage 1 GCD - please be patient.
[Worker #2 May 31 12:26] Stage 1 GCD complete. Time: 45.404 sec.
[Worker #2 May 31 12:26] Available memory is 376728MB.
[Worker #2 May 31 12:26] D: 2730, relative primes: 7088, stage 2 primes: 3059717, pair%=95.64
[Worker #2 May 31 12:26] Using 310498MB of memory.
mprime is saying it saves two primality tests if a factor is found, despite it is only very slightly over one.
[Worker #2 May 31 11:53] Assuming no factors below 2^76 and 2 primality tests saved if a factor is found.

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