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Originally Posted by tServo View Post
Reliable enough. I run them straight out of the box, no tuning except for fans 100%.
They throw an error every so often.
I haven't had time to diddle with the settings but plan to do so now that I have gotten
some free time. They are in my dungeon, er basement which is 60 degrees F.
I've been trying to gradually increase the frequency by trial and error. So far my `safe tunings' are as follows where ambient is at 21C +-2C:

1,1500mhz 850mv, memory at 1150mhz, sitting around 80C, usually no errors.
2,1480mhz 845mv, memory at 1050mhz, sitting around 82C, usually around 1-3 errors.

Tried numerous times above these threshold immediately gets like 20 errors for one exponent. LOL
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