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I entered the poly parameters into myfactor, but it came up with a different skew (3.3e6 instead of 2.6e6) than the one I used for the factorization and the scores were on the order of 10^-12 instead of 10^7. I found this surprising, is the score calculated that differently or were the myfactor skews so bad? How can I calculate scores by using msieve?
The Murphy-E score reported by CADO is not the same as that reported by msieve and Technically the CADO one is closer to Murphy's definition of E, but it depends on the I value, qmin and the lpb bounds, so it shouldn't be used for comparing polynomials for two different numbers unless they used the same parameters. Msieve's E-score does not depend on the parameters and so can be used to compare polynomials for different numbers, as long as they have the same degree.
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