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13_2_889m1 has been factored:
p68 factor: 16198615149065734454793567815564974310130633967067455652347061521813
p144 factor: 239587532781575080914187171477250284192730967256619237564290874988478019414910409186558140545153350402886901937308633337908613484027935302347143
log at

424M raw 32LP relations yielded 322M uniques, good enough for a 20.4M matrix at TD=116.

13_2_894m1 has been factored:
p85 factor: 1143204596151123336717659857898059154809096022379362712584970085350082430059856543207
p157 factor: 5683843736250015204489421274638790828591294130741328633239683143654973419998914703899331955577037330073358881172422196032548811666280410687173298960325593469
452M raw 32LP relations yielded 335M uniques, enough for a 24.2M matrix at TD=120.
Log at

I note that 894 used quite a few more relations, yet still had a larger matrix. I used mfba=62 for 889, but mfba=64 for 894. Other settings were the same, and the numbers are fairly close in difficulty.
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