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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
It's not that easy to import such user rights from Wikipedia, because their got more deeper dependencies with modules and other templates.
Giving editing rights for such very highly used templates is dangerous, because only a small edit can ruin a lot of pages not shown properly.
For creating or testing new templates, you can use user-subpages for how it works and looks like.
Another option is to write some comments in the talk page of any template, this can be done by every logged in user.
After the new implemented Riesel and Proth templates, there're still some called templates which need a new redesign, to work properly again.
{{Riesel prime}} is a really bad counterexample, as even I wouldn't argue opening that up for non-admin editing given its intricacies. But why is a template like {{BirthDeath}} (only used on 8 pages) only editable by you? Couldn't you just do cascading full protection on a few major templates (like {{Riesel prime}}), protecting them and everything they use (recursively), and allow some level of non-admin editing for everything else?
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