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Originally Posted by Zr40 View Post
You get a reliability of 0.98 for submitting an unverified LL test. 0.98 is enough to get assigned the smallest exponents, you only need 0.95 for that (or 0.90 for first-time LL).

Confidence does need to be at least 2.0, and the computer must have returned at least (2 * number of worker threads) results in the last 120 days to be assigned the smallest exponents.

Yes, I'd read the post referred to and that was one of the reasons I raised this, as the actual behaviour doesn't seem to match up.

Example: Another of the team machines is also doing LL Doublechecks, and until earlier this week had 'Reliability, Confidence' set as 1.00 0.0, having returned a fair number of matching residues with no errors. It's just returned a non-matching residue (probably because the original LL test returned an erroneous residue) and the 'Reliability, Confidence' has changed to 0.98 1.0 - i.e. the confidence has gone up because a residue didn't match - weird, no? It also seems that the Primenet Assignment Rules page has changed recently, as it used to say that Confidence must be less than 2.0, not more than 2.0. Something seems inconsistent here, the implication is that I have to return two non-matching residues in quick succession before that Confidence becomes high enough to be assigned the smaller tests...
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