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Originally Posted by JuanraG View Post

I am sorry. I am not mathematician and it is hard for me to understand GNFS, even with all the surveys available on the net. I thought I could get some answers here but maybe this is a too advanced place for me. In any case, thank you for your explanation. It is clear to me now.

Thaks so much.
You asked a good beginner question in a forum where people can answer very advanced questions. It just-so happens that one of the true experts was first to answer your question, and his answers, while accurate and enlightening, usually come with a judgement that you could have found your answer on your own with a mere 50 or so pages of reading academic papers. Do not be offended, please.

The answer you received illuminated something I hadn't considered about poly degree- that optimal degree depends on input size, not on difficulty. That's why SNFS moves to degree 6 around 200 digits difficulty, just like GNFS does. If I recall the table from the published literature, does that mean degree 7 might be better than degree 6 for SNFS jobs around 350 digits?

Anyway, thanks for asking, 'cause I learned something too.
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