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With all the severe weather today and yesterday, I happened to check: March 18, 1925 was the day of the Tri-state Tornado.
It was an F5 which started in Southeast Missouri, crossed Southern Illinois, and ended in Southwest Indiana. 695 fatalities. There were no warning systems in 1925. People did not know it was coming so they did not have time to take shelter or get out of its path. It was believed the funnel was over a mile wide at the base.

The tornados in Brandenburg, KY, and Xenia, OH, on April 3, 1974 were F5's. The same storm cell produced an F3 in my community, Jefferson Co. IN. (Hanover, IN, and Madison, IN). Several years ago, a personality on TWC said an EF5 is not survivable unless a person is in an underground shelter, or can get out of the way.

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