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Originally Posted by rogue
I just installed Tiger and applied your changes. Everything appears to be working correctly. GCC 4.0 has some changes for socket.h that I needed to apply to ECMNet, but nothing significant.

One note is that you have the line "sudo gcc_select 4" in one of your readmes. I think that should be "sudo gcc_select -v 4".

I hope that GMP 4.2 is out soon. I would like to try, but I haven't much time as I have my finger in too many pots at this time. I think all that you need to do is take powerpc32/mul_1.asm, copy it to powerpc64 and then change the code to use the appropriate 64-bit instructions.
Glad to hear it works! I don't use ECMnet, but others may want to know what you had to do.

You are correct. The "gcc_select 4" command came from an older Apple PDF document (64bitporting.pdf) from last year. Now it says "gcc_select 4.0". But I believe this is the default in OS X 10.4/Xcode 2.0 anyway.

I'll try modifying the 32-bit mul_1.asm to 64-bit. If there is a significant speed boost, I'll post it here.

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