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Originally Posted by rogue
Thanks. I'll try it out. I haven't used 64-bit GMP on PPC before. Did you run some tests to verify that it find expected factors?

BTW, I think that mpn_addmul_1() can be dramatically improved to use a model similar to the 32-bit code. I haven't seen the GMP 4.2 code, so it might already have such an improvement.
GMP passes all 'make check' tests, and ECM-6.0.1 also passes its 'make check' tests, which include a fair amount of factor finding. I did test a couple of known factorizations, and it worked, but not much beyond that.

It may be worthwhile to improve the code if you can, since the release date of 4.2 and status of any improvements for 64-bit PPC are unknown.

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