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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
OK, many thanks for your help, because I don't have a script : I look for the mergers manually and it can take a long time !
Does it use my 80 digit file, on my website ?
Because I know that I will also have to update this file : in a year, things move because of the sequences which merge and which end !
And I hope that when I scan the over 27,000 sequences in the main project, I won't find any broken aliquot sequences !
Yes, it uses your 80 digit file (currently the 2020 version). My script still has the i0/i1 error, so I have to remember to manually check those, but the others "seem" to be correct when I do spot checks. I, too, hope this year brings a set with no broken sequences.

I have some expansion to do with my script, so I can call it easier and I need to address the i0/i1 error. At some point, if I get it working the way I'd like, I'll post it here. It's a simple Bash script that runs on one of my RPi machines.

Here are some runs for today:
Running base 37: 
37^6:i126 merges with 109920:i1275 
37^8:i151 merges with 1632:i37 
37^12:i1057 merges with 10824:i28 
37^18:i1430 merges with 3366:i2 
37^22:i519 merges with 1567300:i0   (*Manually fixed*)
37^30:i1193 merges with 35856:i3 
Done in 221 seconds. 
Running base 41: 
41^4:i66 merges with 36468:i17 
41^32:i386 merges with 271980:i46 
Done in 108 seconds.
Running base 43: 
43^16:i204 merges with 1299520:i4 
43^34:i639 merges with 5208:i10 
Done in 109 seconds.

Running base 450:
Done in 24 seconds.

Running base 882:
Done in 19 seconds.

Running base 33550336:
Done in 34 seconds.
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