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Base 42 done to 80 digits (odd exponents; 42^47) and 120 digits (even exponents; 42^72), and as soon as I wrote this, I think I misread above in reference to there being a new minimum. I wasn't planning to take this base to work on past the seeding work, so I could take it to the usual 100 digits or yoyo (or someone) could take it from here.

Exponents 1, 3, and 5 terminate with primes. There were two merges: 42^11:i131=35320:i2 and 42^17:i361=239940:i3. All even exponents tested terminated with primes, including 42^34, which terminated on the first term. Interestingly, 42^16 picked up a square and became even for two terms, before picking up another square and terminating two terms later.
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