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Originally Posted by Peter Nelson
I am English and live in England ALSO!

I can confirm a PC with a relatively powerful processor (say, 3GHz) (as would be sold in a new computer from a seller of computers) uses about TWICE the amount of electricity when running prime95 at full load as opposed to idle.

Since discovering GIMPS I've been leaving my computer on twenty-four hours a day SPECIFICALLY to keep Prime95 running.

The proportion will depend on what other components you have in your pc (eg how many hard drives), and the type of processor (eg Prescott consumes much more than a Northwood).

So the additional COST for EACH PC someone "borg"ed in this way could be around £50 PER YEAR in electricity bills (or more).
I have three hard-drives and a 3EGhz P4 Prescott, but what's a few quid between friends?

Also the prime95 software would be impairing my network with traffic to the primenet server ...

And in addition to memory usage pointed out already, there is DISK SPACE USAGE (which impairs the performance of the system in terms of its ability to store data). ...
I think you'd be hard put to show that any network traffic or disc usage had "impaired" your system use.

... withold any prize money or credit for discovery for a new prime. ...
As it happens I have little interest in credit and even less in the prize. Being the first and, for a time, only person EVER to know - with some certainty - that some 2P-1 is prime, or even that it's not, gives me a great thrill. THAT is my reason for participating in GIMPS.

There is a thread elsewhere in the forum where someone in USA installed prime95 on many computers of the phone company he was working at. He was arrested by FBI had his computer equipment confiscated for years, lost his job, and was charged.
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