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Could you send or point me to your test programs? I'd like to run on my machine to compare identical programs.

I was debating the merits of doing a comparison graph at different sizes, e.g. (1000+250n for n 0 to 12). A simple way would be creating a file with 100 or 1000 random primes of the given size, then time running a program that processes them all. E.g. PFGW with the file. That seems like a fairly realistic test of performance that removes most of the startup overhead.

If you made a program that did some various tests (e.g. PRP, SPRP, BPSW and/or your tests) given a file with a number per line, would that seem like a good test? For very small inputs it would be worth pulling out even that overhead (e.g. read them all into an array of inputs, then start a timer around the testing, so we don't count overhead of I/O and string->bignum conversion).
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