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Sorry, I only read your last post when I replied.

After i said this :

william@william-GA-78LMT-USB3:~$ sudo etherwake 00:e0:4c:e9:96:a7
SIOCGIFHWADDR on eth0 failed: No such device

I ran sudo poweroff on the machine I wanted to wake.

Is Wakeonlan intended to switch PC's on from a position like that?

there was a 10hr gap until your next post.

I've tried to get Wakeonlan to work numerous times, failed and when I ask for help on mersenneforums, everyone gives up on me.

By the time i read your reply, the router the machine to wake was plugged into was in my kitchen half-stuck with drying glue to a piece of perspex which I intend to drill holes in so I can screw to my desk (in an attempt to be organised).

Consequently the situation had changed.

Please take this as supportive... You seem to go out of your way to not follow suggestions. To be spoon-fed what to do next.
I got to figure out why I do that.
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