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He said he hyperthreads and overclocks and uses lots of machines without discrimination, so in this case, the 5% error may be quite normal, in spite of the fact that it looks like cheater, for me. But again, I am the paranoid one here..
Once I'm further along with some of these other triple-checks I may devote some resources to doing double-checks on his work (and other systems that seem to have a higher than usual error rate).

I actually picked up a batch of maybe 15 or so exponents in the 35-37M range that were awaiting a needed triple-check because of mismatched residues. As expected, the user "MrRoboto" has a very high failure rate... so far we're at 29 verified and 22 bad with another 21 of his results in an unverified state, and most of those have already had a mismatched double-check... I'm guessing 20-21 of those will also turn out to be bad.
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