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After a certain degree of fuss (the only EU supplier who had it in stock was SECO in Italy, and more than three months elapsed between order and delivery), my nVidia Jetson TK1 board arrived yesterday. Cost £178.49 including delivery.
Playing with small computers myself.

Four Parallellas fitted with 16-core Epiphany co-processors arrived from Adapteva about 3 weeks ago. Not yet had chance to play with them, partly for lack of connecting gubbins (now largely sorted) but mostly because of Real Life™ issues. The four credit card machines, four US-pronged power supplies (one of the connecting gubbins problems here in the UK), four SD cards pre-loaded with Ubuntu, shipping, sundry baksheesh and a "free" T-shirt cost a total of £463.46 --- about $790 at the spot rate today.

Also got hold of a DEO-Nano FPGA dev kit at about 15% of the above cost. Cute little thing, also CC sized, with no processor at all --- unless you want to build one yourself. A 32-bit RISC processor is freely available and clocks in at 100 BogoMIPS --- roughly five times as fast as my first Linux box.
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