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Default twin prime project

I know most people think I´m full of it with all the comments about Lagrange symbols and LLRing on graphics cards. But when I´m vindicated, or preferably before that, I´d like help with a twin prime search project for n=344208, in the equation k*2^n+c for c = + and - 1. I know it´s only slightly bigger than the Twin Prime Search Project´s present n=333,333, but my friend has used his knowledge about the stuff, plus a few terabytes of compressed data, to decide that that´s a tremendously better choice than n=333,333.

So, when you guy´s realize that most of the stuff(I say stupid stuff when I get mad) that I claim my friend said is right on the money and accurate, feel free to drop me a line and start the project. They don´t have to happen in that order, but when the project is underway, I´d love to be informed.

Cheers. :)
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