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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
.ods ->.csv -> .ods
Font formatting: gone (bold, italic, underlined, color)
Border formats: gone
Color backgrounds: gone
Conditional formatting: gone
Column widths: gone
Cell merges: gone
Charts: gone
Multiple sheets: no, choose one at a time.

If people are already complaining about a few clicks to zoom pdfs, and they are, there's no way they'll tolerate the extra effort of importing and deciphering what it takes to re-create effective formatting.
So you are a form over function man. Doesn't matter what it does as long as it looks pretty.

Just give me the data. If I want it to look pretty I will beautify it myself.

As for the complainants I have absolutely no sympathy for them. If they find that intolerable they weren't very interested in the information anyway.
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