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I've managed to store and display "Long numbers", using the FactorDB-IDs and shortcuts.

This was needed to collect and display all types of Generalizes Fermat numbers of the forms a^2^n+b^2^n.

At the page for the Proth prime 3*2^n+1 the notes for n = 41 contains links to a page (GF Divisor) and showing the first entry (here Fermat(38)).
The old type using a template for all entries did not worked if there were more than 20 entries, so now an own page.

The page for the GF Divisor 3*2^41+1 contains all divisibilities to all GFn's including dates found and discoverers, if available.

Finally the page for the Fermat(38) contains all data derived from the GF Divisor pages, links to them and the factorization.

The category of this GFN's now contains tables for:
- differences n-m
- GF numbers: including state and factorization
- GF Divisors: k- and n-value and discoverers
Perhaps here some further work has to be done, like different pages for the big tables or small changes to the 3rd table.

All data taken from Wilfrid Keller's pages, but the advantage here, all data contain links to other pages (like Proth primes, Persons, FactorDB entries) to find more data easily and creating/updating the last 3 tables automatically, if new GF Divisors/GF numbers are stored in the Wiki.

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