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It would indeed be very useful to have a recent list for the C30 and C60 of all numbers generating OE sequences up to at least 10^7 !
But how can FactorDB be efficiently scanned to achieve this ?

In addition, there can be a multitude of C30s or C60s for a single OE sequence that "plays the yo-yo" !
For example, if a sequence encounters a C60, if it then goes up higher and goes down to 60 digits afterwards, it will be necessary to store this second C60 in the list. Because, if there is a fusion of another sequence with this one, there is no guarantee that the fusion will take place before the first C60. This can happen later. The list must always show the last C30 and C60 given by FactorDB.

(I hope my message is clear with my bad English !)
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