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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Which is better? I thought it might be better to work the "last mile" 72—>73 since that helps get the exponents out of GPU to 72 and back to the PrimeNet pool.
It is best for GIMPS to take whatever is lowest (by Candidate) to what is deemed to the optimal bit level. Then it can be released back to GIMPS for assignment for LLing.

Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
But is time better spent starting from 70 (with StopAfterFactor=2 to bail out as soon as possible after finding a factor) since the chance of finding a factor is higher at the lower TF level, although clearing fewer exponents out in the same amount of time?
Entirely up to you. Choosing "Lowest TF Level", and taking it up to the release level is a reasonable strategy. The current "What Makes Sense" is taking the lowest available candidate up to the release level.

Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Tell me what to do...
Choose to do what you enjoy most.

At the end of the day all the current candidates need to go up to (at least) 73. Some get fixated on finding factors, and/or the "GHz Days Saved" metric so only go one level. That just means that someone else has to step in and do the rest of the work.
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