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The C195 of 2^1188+1 splits as 277122598884572475987115421160411960915959497148103077473 * 788665950001479674650705813903186632356777925726120062399203449921568833081885177105857167806618988123915663929402035777496273563382522049

After sieving, it took two hours on one C2/2400 CPU to build a 7933391 x 7933638 matrix with weight 536309417, about 180 hours on four C2/2400 CPUs to find 49 dependencies, and about 2:45 per dependency for the square roots; success came on the second dependency.

It's a P57 factor, so it would have been unusual luck for the ECM done so far to have found it.

This marks the end of my involvement with ElevenSmooth, until computers grow a good deal faster.
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