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Default AMD Opteron VS AMD Athlon X2

Because I noticed that my "white elephant" machine takes around 96KWh to do a 80-100M LL test (in slightly less efficient low power mode), I decided to compare it to a Athlon X2 5000+ machine that I found more efficient than a Pentium D back in the day.

Don't have detailed measurements that I was able to find, but my "White Elephant" can do a LL test on an 80M exponent in about 21days, at a power draw of 150W/CPU.

  • Quad AMD Opteron 6272 (16 cores/CPU, 2.1Ghz, 1.6GHz in low power mode)
  • 128GiB of LP DDR3 ECC RAM,
  • 64GB flash drive for storage (btrfs).
Power= Work/Time -> Work=(Power)(Time) -> (0.150kW)(24hours/day)(21days) = 96kWh.

The Athlon X2 5000+, drawing only 123W/CPU has a LL runtime of about 144days for an 88M exponent.

  • Athlon X2 5000+ (2 cores, 2.2Ghz)
  • 2GiB of DDR RAM
  • Live DVD for testing
Work=(Power)(Time) -> (0.123kW)(24hours/day)(144days) = 425kWh

Not sure why I was surprised that the old machine got trounced so badly.

Part 2 will be checking how much more efficient my AMD VEGA 56 GPU is once I get it working.

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