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Default mprime

There are two packages for this program, both maintained by the AUR user graysky: mprime and mprime-bin. Both packages are on the latest stable build, which at the time of posting is 30.3b6.

The first package, mprime builds the program from scratch, which includes building the gwnum library (but it does not include it as part of the compiled package itself, which would be useful for those who want to build llr or pfgw from source). Included in the package is a patch file which basically fixes the make flags so that the program can successfully compile.
A downside to this is that the version of mprime built can't communicate with the work server, as to protect against fake result submission from modified clients.

The second package, mprime-bin, is the precompiled version of the program, which is available on the main site. This can communicate with the work server. It's recommended to choose a directory to run mprime, or to set the appropriate options in the config files to ensure proper operation.
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