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Originally Posted by Branger View Post
At some point I played around with a similar scheme, but instead of multiplying all c# coefficients with -1, I tried a small positive multiplier such as 2-5, before feeding the polynomials to msieve to optimize them. At least for the multiplier of 2 I did find some polynomials that were better than the original one, though never one that ended up at the top. Perhaps this idea may be worth a try?
There are some more steps that Max uses, including, I think, some scaling. That may fit in with your multiplication. I don't think Bash can handle that math on its own*, but I'm working on a Python script, that I already am having success with in a Colab session. I'm sure I could get Python to perform the activity. Thanks for bringing it to the discussion!

*I actually could create a Bash function that would step through a string from end to beginning, doing doubling along the way, but that might be involved and probably a bit messy.
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